Niloya English – 4 episodes in one / 20 minutes Niloya cartoon…

Niloya English - 4 episodes in one / 20 minutes Niloya cartoon...

Welcome to Niloya’s world full of joy and happiness!

Ant Park
While Niloya is picking apples, she sees ants. They work non-stop. Who don’t they take a rest? Niloya wants the ants to take a rest and makes them a park. Let’s see if the ants will use this park and take a rest.

Little Chick
Murat gets his school report. All of the classes are very good. The mother gives a good gift to his son. She would give also to Niloya, but Niloya has already gone. Because she is confused. Does her mother love her as much as she loves her brother? While Niloya is asking this question, she tags after the chick and has sister chicks. Let’s see if she will find the answers at the end of the day.

Each moment of Niloya is full of different surprises…

New Car
Niloya gets bored because everything is the same. When she sees her father and grandfather tidy out old wares, she decides to make a new car out of them. Her grandfather and father will also help her. Who knows where Niloya will go with her new car!

Which Color?
Niloya wants to draw a picture and to give it as a gift to her mother. While she is drawing a picture in the garden, her brother, Elif, and Mine respectively see the picture. Each of them makes a different comment, and the picture does not meet the expectations of Niloya. Niloya starts to draw again. As her father says, she draws the picture and she makes the decision.

Let’s watch Niloya and discover this colorful world.

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