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क्‍या दीवाली तक ₹65,000 हो जाएगा सोना | Gold price predictions 2023 | US Credit Rating news Impact

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Gold market prediction and what will be the gold price in Diwali. Gold price today Hindi - Gold Silver price predictions and what should you do for Investment and Marriage purpose. Fitch downgrade US credit rating what will be the impact of Gold and Silver.

#sone_chandi_ka_bhav_kya_hai #goldpricepredictions #goldpricetoday #goldnews #22caratgoldrate

✅ Gold Price impact after FED Meeting interest rate hike - https://youtu.be/kmhqwhGEOL4
✅ 10 Best Investment for NRI in India 2023 - https://youtu.be/kfErjPaIwSk
✅ 2023 में सोना कितना सस्ता हो सकता है - https://youtu.be/vVm4nXot0XA

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Gold/Silver Investment – NO change since last week
Continue with SIP strategy – Gold ETF or Gold Mutual Fund. SGB is coming in September – we will look for 2nd Market option in SGB as well.
FD also at peak interest rates – For 100% security consider Gilt fund and FD. Equity should also be in portfolio for long term investment. For Long term Gold is preferable then Silver.

As per RSI and Moving Average Convergence and Divergence (MACD) indicator – Gold continue to see resistance of $1985 but if it break on Friday (Post data) then we can see $2000-$2010 quickly (2nd Buy signal around $1988)
Gold Trading range till 9th August remain same as last week - $1940/50 to $1980. On lower side next support is at $1916-20 (200DMA - if Gold break $1938 that is stoploss as well for any buy call).
Silver trading range is $24.18 to $24.89 with solid support at $23.293 (200DMA)
On MCX (Oct Series ) – Range is ₹59,000 to ₹60,100 per. Till 10th August we expect strong support placed at ₹58,700
Finance and Crypto
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