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Best Price to Buy Gold Silver in 2023 | Bhutan will sell gold in duty free shops | Gold price today

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22 karat gold price today? Bhutan will sell gold in duty free shops. How much will it impact on Gold price in India. Market news which might impact on gold price. US Inflation data, Job data impact on gold price? Discussion on Gold/Silver for Investment, Trading and Marriage.

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Gold/Silver – More DIP expected? - सोना कब सस्ता होगा 2023 में
This week Non-Farm Payroll Data expected by Friday. Pull Back really expected for today but short-term trend is still downward (till Next FED meeting).

सोना कब सस्ता होगा :
US Job Data was strong Inflation data reported this month was above expectation. Rate hike is expected in March – we already predicted in 2022 that rate hike to continue in March 2023

Gold price Delhi Mumbai Kolkata :
Gold Presently forming a higher low and should find support around $1,787 - 1,808 area. Expect gold to trade in a narrow range for a several week before gold resumes upward trend.

Gold price long term :
Gold can find support around 54500 to 54950 and trade in narrow range with profit booking around 55800-56100. Best level to buy Gold for long term/Investment is around 53000-53500(MCX level) we still expected Gold to show this level. To reduce Risk SIP in Gold is best

विदेश से कितना सोना ला सकते हैं | 5 must Rules for Gold Bar and Jewelry when traveling : https://youtu.be/ZwQlffyD3s8

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Gold price predictions short term,
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क्या Gold ₹65,000 जाएगा | Gold 2023 outlook - https://youtu.be/bzIh0EvsJH0
2023 में सोना चांदी का रेट कब कम होगा - https://youtu.be/8f3oBOi7FVE
सोने-चांदी में जबरदस्‍त तेजी - https://youtu.be/JSs8ugzSF34

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Gold price Delhi Mumbai Kolkata,
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