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Sanctuary Wildlife Award 2022 : Service Award : Shabir Hussain Bhat | Sponsored by DSP Mutual Fund

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Shabir, a fervent naturalist hailing from Srinagar, has dedicated his life to wildlife conservation efforts at Dachigam National Park. From a young age, he was enamored with wildlife, but it was the critically endangered hangul deer that captured his heart and gave him a sense of direction. The deer, which only inhabits the park, remains the focus of Shabir's life.
At 40, Shabir is regarded as the "Encyclopaedia" of Dachigam by visitors who have spent time with him. He divides his time between family and his service to the Dachigam National Park. Shabir fervently hopes that the local community will appreciate the diverse flora and fauna in their area and join him in protecting it for future generations. Unwavering in his resolve, Shabir keeps going on and calls the forest his home just as much as the elusive yet present wildlife does.
The Sanctuary Wildlife Awards 2022 is brought to you by our sponsor DSP Mutual Fund, co-sponsors Godrej and Morningstar India, and our supporters CarbonCopy, IndusInd Bank, and Wildlife Conservation Trust.

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